New staff, characters revealed for Whedon’s Dollhouse

Joss Whedon’s new television project Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku and commissioned by Fox, has some new staff onboard.

Tim Minear, who worked with Whedon on Angel and Firefly, will be joined by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain on the show’s team of writers. (The exact titles have not been agreed on yet.) Craft and Fain had previously worked on Women’s Murder Club, The Shield and Whedon’s second big hit series, Angel.

TV Guide’s Ausiello has also posted the list of the main characters on Dollhouse. Here they are:

ADELLE DEWITT -The fortyish iceberg who runs the Dollhouse where the human Etch-a-Sketches reside

PAUL BALLARD -The thirtysomething G-man who is slated to become an offbeat love interest for Dushku’s “impressionable” Echo

BOYD LANGTON – Echo’s handler and father figure

TOPHER BRINK – The technogeek who enjoys his job as a Doll programmer maybe a little too much

SIERRA -The knockout Doll who is as close to a friend as Echo has

VICTOR -The distractingly handsome Doll who is called upon to play everyone from Errol Flynn to Robert DeNiro

NOVEMBER – The Tracy Turnblad of the Dolls

DR. CLAIRE SANDERS -The beautiful older woman with whom Topher is smitten

Last week, quoted Whedon as saying that Dollhouse is “very different than the stuff I’ve done before, but at the same time it’s still a very hardcore examination of the human condition. It really sort of boils it down to who are we, how are we programmed, what do we need, what is okay about us, and what is really not okay. It’s the most morally gray thing I’ve ever done. I think it might actually anger a lot of my fans, but there are questions I still have to ask.”

Whedon has also finished the score for an indie short film that he is hoping to shoot with Summer Glau this summer. Glau, who had an appearance in Angel and was a regular on Firefly, can currently be seen alongside Lena Headey in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, probably the best new show to air this season.

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