Blade Runner: The Final Cut – in NY & LA theatres tomorrow

25 years after its original release, Blade Runner is back in select movie theatres in New York and Los Angeles on October 5. The Final Cut of the film will be released on DVD in December in several editions, some of which will include all the four previous cuts, footage that didn’t make it into any of them and, most importantly, a brand new documentary about the movie – Dangerous Days. More info on the DVD can be found here and here. Also, Wired did an interview with Ridley Scott recently and it’s a pretty good read.

If the initial reviews (the movie was screened at the Venice Film Festival and in New York) are anything to go by, there aren’t really any major changes to the movie; they are mostly related to ironing out the special effects and losing the odd thumb or cable in a shot or two. Harrison Ford’s ‘most horrid voiceover in history of cinema’ is not coming back, surprisingly, and neither is the happy ending. More significantly, Deckard’s unicorn dream is a bit longer and, as Cinema Blend writes, the “the eye-gouging scene near the end way gorier.”

The trailer is available on YouTube.

And reviews are slowly popping up: Times, CraveOnline, Chud, Digital Bits, etc. Keep your eyes on Google news for more comments over the next few days.

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